Field Day Applied Economics - Mark I

Researchers in the field of Applied Economics study individual behavior using a variety of empirical approaches. They build on a solid foundation in economic theory and use formal statistical or econometric methods to analyze data from laboratory and field experiments, from natural experiments, and from administrative and survey data.

We view this as one of the most active fields in contemporary economics. However, this field is also a little elusive because it cannot be associated directly with one of the traditional fields of economics (such as labor economics, public finance, international economics, development economics, health economics, etc.).

The purpose of these field days is to inform our incoming class of doctoral students about research opportunities in Applied Economics. The presenters will each discuss a paper they’ve been working on recently as well as the broader research area they’re interested in. We also hope that these field days will make research that has been done in this field more visible within our department, and foster cooperation across “chairs” and institutes.

Everyone interested in Applied Economics is cordially invited to attend – not only the incoming doctoral students, of course!