Field Day Applied Economics - Mark II


As the first version of our “Field Day in Applied Economics” was very well received, we plan to have another instalment. This time around we plan to have (also) you talking instead of only us.

The idea is to have a sequence of very short presentations (max 20min + Discussion) where you present very early stage ideas for empirical projects. These are supposed to be at a stage where they are not yet ready to be presented at one of the internal workshops in the department. For example you could present a novel data set/natural experiment/... in some detail and potential questions that it could help to answer.

We want to

  • encourage promising projects,
  • discourage not so promising projects (before you sink too much effort into them), – get feedback and potentially develop new research ideas, and – allow students to learn about each others interests.

In addition to these short presentations, some more senior researchers in the department will give a brief overview (10min) of their empirical research such that new students get an idea what is going on in the department.

We plan to spend the day together (probably including drinks and dinner) so we have plenty of time to discuss ideas and projects in an informal atmosphere.