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Sales and Customer Relationship Management

  • Sales and Customer Relationship Management (course ID: 10518100)


A key challenge for companies in a marketing context is to choose the right approaches on how to deliver their products and services to customers. In doing so, companies need to carefully consider their customers’ needs and requirements to successfully manage company-customer relationships. This course focuses on classic and new approaches of sales and customer relationship management. In particular, it covers the set-up of sales systems in terms of offline channels (e.g., retail stores) and online channels (e.g., online shops or market places), their interplay (e.g., multi-channel management), or the management of the sales force. Moreover, it focuses on different types of customer-firm interactions, on approaches of analyzing customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as on customer complaint management, cross-selling management or customer experience management.


The major goal of this class is to learn about and understand how sales management and customer relationship management work and to be able to transfer respective concepts to real life / business practice.


Tentative course structure:

  • Relevance of sales and customer relationship management in business practice
  • Types of sales channels and approaches(incl. retailing, wholesale, e-commerce, personal selling, key account management, etc.)
  • Depth and breadth of sales channels (incl. management of direct. indirect, intensive and exclusive sales approaches)
  • Breadth of sales systems (incl. multi-channel conflicts, multi-channel & omni-channel management)
  • Management of the sales force (incl. sales force automation, sales manager types and leadership, etc.)
  • Analyses of customers and customer relationships (incl. assessment of customer values)
  • Analyses of customer satisfaction and loyalty (incl. related concepts and measurement approaches)
  • Customer loyalty management (incl. cross-selling management, complaint management, referral and review management)
  • IT-based customer relationship management (incl. structure and use of CRM systems)
  • Customer experience management (incl. customer touchpoint and customer journey management)


Important information for students interested in this course

Prerequisites / Target group: The course is targeted to students in the Bachelor program with basic knowledge in marketing

Lecture dates & format: Tuesday 10.15 - 11.45 am  | first lecture: 18.04.2023, in presence: HS 166 (Brose HS; Neue Universität)

WueCampus: Please register to our course on WueCampus since this will be our main communication platform

Tutorials: Alternative slots – Wednesday, 12:15 - 13:45 and 14:15 -15:45 pm | first tutorial: 31. May, in presence: HS 317 (Exception: Exercise on 10.5. from 14:15 - 15.45 takes place in HS 315)

Examination:  Written exam (60 Minutes; students can answer exam questions in English or German)

Credits: 5 ECTS

Enrollment: Self-enrollment for the course content is possible until the fourth week of lectures on WueCampus. After that, enrollment is no longer possible.

Course language: English

Course lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jana-Kristin Prigge

Course advisor: Alexander Mauer, M. Sc. (alexander.mauer@uni-wuerzburg.de) 


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