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E-Commerce Strategies in Business Practice

E-Commerce Strategies in Business Practice (PO: E-Commerce I, course ID: 10512000)


E-Commerce is a highly relevant field for almost all types of companies. However, the e-commerce approaches and strategies applied by companies differ strongly depending on the respective firm context (e.g., in terms of industry, types of customers, types of products).

In this lecture, students will learn about different e-commerce strategies and approaches and then directly apply them to a self-selected firm from the Wuerzburg / Mainfranken area (one firm per group). Thus, this lecture combines a theoretical and self-study part with an application of the content directly to real life.

In particular, the lecture part contains the following topics:

  • Basics of e-commerce strategy development
  • Webshop design and infrastructure
  • Multi-channel and customer experience management
  • Affiliate marketing and web analytics
  • Online reviews and CRM systems
  • Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

The lecture is a block lecture, where you will learn about the above mentioned topics and then directly apply them in self-study sessions (in groups) included in each block. To be more effective, we recommend to at least read the provided material (WueCampus) for the self-study session prior to each lecture.

The tutorials with the course advisor will guide you through the process of developing the e-commerce strategy for your selected firm.

The examination form is a group report (ca. 15 pages/person) on the strategies, concepts, and recommendations for your selected firm. The report needs to be handed in by the respective deadline date (please see the dates for this semester).


Goals: This class enables students to gain insights into real-life e-commerce strategies and to train their abilities in assessing business strategies.


Prerequisites: The course is applicable to master degree students interested in digital marketing and e-commerce. Prior participation of the course “Digital Marketing I” is recommended but not required. An application to the course is mandatory (application details see below, course is limited to 30 participants).


Credits: 5 ECTS


Examination form: Seminar paper in group work (ca. 15 pages/person) + optional Bonus (weekly presentation)



Course instructor: Prof. Dr. Jana-Kristin Prigge (jana-kristin.prigge@uni-wuerzburg.de)

Course advisor: Steven Schwehm (steven.schwehm@uni-wuerzburg.de)


Key information:


  • Start date / Kick-Off: Friday, April 21st 2023, Content lecture: 08:30 - 12:30 (including one hour of self study), online via Zoom
  • Further dates: Fridays, April 28th, May 5th , 12th , 26th 2023, 08:30 -12:30, online via Zoom
  • Tutorials: Flexible meetings with course advisor (in groups via Zoom)
  • Submission of report: Friday, June 30th 2023


Application procedure

Submission of application:

  • Please download the enclosed excel file first, then fill out this file and send it via e-mail to: steven.schwehm@uni-wuerzburg.de
  • Please make sure to fill out every cell in the excel file
  • The application process is completed when the excel file has been filled out completely and sent back to Steven Schwehm
  • Please send your application no later than April 4th 2023 (SoSe 2023)
  • Excel-File: Application Ecommerce Strategies 

Information on admission: During the week of April 4th 2023 (SoSe 2023)


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