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    Faculty of Business Management and Economics

    Current information on the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

    Date: 29.10.2020 | Teaching in winter semester 2020/21

    The universities are not affected by the decision of the Federal and State Governments to combat the coronavirus pandemic from October 28, 2020. The universities stay open.
    The planned face-to-face lectures will take place as announced without implementing any changes to the course modalities.

    Teaching in winter semester 2020/21 | Hybridsemester

    The winter semester 2020/21 at the Faculty

    According to the decision of the Bavarian state government from the 28th of July 2020, events can be carried out in presence again, in compliance with safety measures. The winter semester 2020/21 at the University of Würzburg will take place as a so-called "hybrid semester". Hybrid teaching and learning formats mean that you will deal with a combination of a wide range of digital teaching and some attendance classes. Most courses will be offered as online courses. Some smaller courses are planned as in-class lectures and will be held in presence (safety measures: distance of 1,5 meters between the course participants, attendance sheets). The combination of online and attendance classes will allow us to offer you the complete range of courses that we teach in both fields management and economics, while at the same time pursuing the necessary measures to protect the health of students and teachers.

    Restrictions will still apply to the opening modalities of all university buildings, the use of library rooms / computer pools and on-site consultation hours.

    All regulations listed here are based on the currently valid legal situation in Bavaria. Thus, changes must be taken into account according to the changing circumstances of the pandemic, changes in government alert levels and outbreaks and - if necessary - also at short notice.

    General regulations

    Wearing a face-covering is compulsory on campus in all buildings of the university. Please maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m to a neighbouring seat in lecture rooms / study spaces. After taking up your seat in a lecture room/study room, the face-covering can be removed.

    Dates in the winter semester 2020/21

    Lecture period:               2 November 2020 to 12 February 2021
    Christmas holidays:      24 December 2020 to 06 January 2021

    Examination period:      Examinations session starts the last week before the lecture begin (retakes) and usually the first three weeks after the end of the lectures period.

    Teaching in winter semester 2020/21

    • In the winter semester 2020/21, digital and in-person teaching will be combined. Most of the teaching will be offered digitally. For details on each class contact the respective lecturers.
    • For freshers in our Bachelor's programmes, some introductory/welcome in-person classes will be offered. Students, who cannot/do not want to take advantage of this offer, can fall back on our digital offer.
    • Each single course with its details and materials is assigned a WueCampus course room. Please note that materials and contributions in digital teaching are protected by copyright.
    • IT equipment (laptop/PC with camera and microphone, headset, good internet connection) is one of the basics for the winter semester 2020/21. The software available for students can be found on the website of the University Computer Centre: https://www.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/services/shop/students/
    • Safety measures are maintaing at least 1.5 m distance distance between yourself and others; wearing a face-covering; tracing infection chains (data of all participants in each classroom must be documented by the lecturer).

    For current information on services of the University during the pandemic see:

    Contact Tracing | QR Code | UniNow App

    For the purpose of organizing attendance examinations and face-to-face teaching, the university is obliged to record contact details of all students present in lecture rooms in order to trace and interrupt chains of infection transmission. Students are encouraged  to use the UniNow app (download at https://uninow.de/) in order to register to examinations and each time before attending a lecture in university rooms. The app makes it possible for us to provide information enabling tracing chains of infection trasmission in a faster and less complicated way, and to considerably reduce the amount of paper (QR code instead of a printed form).

    Students who have installed the UniNow app on their smartphones must scan the QR code and fill in their data. In this way they will get registered for the relevant examination or lecture/course. You can easily test the process of registration by means of the QR code (https://go.uniwue.de/corona-formulare). Here you will find also further information on the application as well as a "test room" created especially for this purpose. The possible modalities of check-in/out are explained here: https://checkin.uninow.de/.

    Please note that we will still have to check your identity card before each attandance examination, no matter if you use the app or not.


    Examinations at the Faculty

    General rules

    The University of Würzburg has defined security concepts for the implementation of internships and examinations in attendance. These specify safety measures regarding the organisation examinations. A face-covering during the examination as well as a signing a statement of not having COVID-19 symptoms are obligatory before entering an examination room.

    For concepts as well as further documents and information for COVID-19 precautions see: https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/novel-coronavirus/students/


    Registration for the examinations

    Please pay attention to announcements of the examination office.

    Anyone wishing to take an exam must register for it in WueStudy.

    Dates and deadlines

    As announced by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art on 19 April 2020, students will not suffer any disadvantages either due to examination-related regulations and deadlines or because of the shortened lecture period: https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/studying-at-jmu/pruefungsamt/rechtliches-und-satzungen/assessments-information-and-faqs/




    Campus Communication at the Faculty

    Students‘ Office

    On-site meetings will be suspended until further notice.

    Your students‘ advisors can be contacted by telephone or e-mail.
    Contact details: https://www.wiwi.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/faculty/office-of-the-dean-of-studies/

    We are happy to accept digital documents.

    Examination office

    The opening hours of the Examination Office are cancelled until further notice.

    Please contact the relevant staff members by telephone or e-mail. Please submit important documents (theses) by post.
    Contact details and addresses: https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/studium/pruefungsamt/pruefungsamt/

    Dean's office

    Until further notice, the Dean's Office of the Faculty does not offer any personal counselling.

    Contact us by e-mail and telephone. Please submit the documents via mail.
    Contact details: https://www.wiwi.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/faculty/office-of-the-dean/


    The University Library has created an overview page on the homepage which answers all important questions about e-media, lending, lockers and and and. This page is updated whenever necessary.

    Computer Labs (CIP-Pools)

    The CIP pools of the Faculty "Sanderring 2" and "Alte IHK" will remain closed until further notice.