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Crediting of achievements

When crediting examination achievements from abroad, it is possible on the one hand to have courses recognized that correspond to comparable courses at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Würzburg in terms of level, content and scope (equivalence of study achievements, equivalence).

However, one can rarely find completely identical/equivalent courses at foreign universities. For this reason, there is the possibility to take examinations both in the Bachelor's program (as an elective) and in the Master's program (as an elective) under the modules "Selected Problems of ..." (worth 5 ECTS points each), which serve as a kind of "placeholder". Please note, however, that in both the Bachelor's and Master's programs the number of "placeholders" is limited to a maximum of four (20 ECTS).

Furthermore, please note that the crediting of compulsory modules is not possible.

For the crediting of examination achievements, proceed in the following steps:

1. On the website of the examination office you will find a list of modules and submodules from other universities abroad that can be credited using a simplified procedure.

2. If your course is on this list, the Examinations Office can award the credit independently and no additional confirmation from a lecturer is required. However, it is still necessary to fill out the application for credit and submit it to the examination office with the transcript of records (= grade transcript, original).

3. If your course is not on this list, please contact the professors or lecturers responsible for the individual modules at the University of Würzburg with alle the important course information (content outline, structure, semester hours per week, type and duration of examinations, and, if applicable, a list of accompanying literature).

4. The responsible lecturer can then either recognize the course as an equivalent of an existing module or as the above-mentioned "placeholder". If a course is recognized as an equivalent, you can no longer take the corresponding module at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. However, it is also possible that a course taken abroad will not be recognized as an equivalent.

5. If you cannot find a lecturer who might be responsible for one of your courses, please contact the international coordinator  Prof. Dr. Hans Fehr.

6. On the homepage of the examination office you will find the corresponding application forms for the crediting of examination achievements.

7. Submit the completed application forms as well as the Transcripts of Records to the Examination Office. Please note that the Transcript of Records must be submitted as an original or as a certified version. Notarizations are made by Ms. Briglmeir.