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    Chair of Business Management and Corporate Finance


    Courses in winter term 2022/2023

    We offer the following courses in the winter term 2022/2023:


    • Lecture (Prof. Lorenz) and Tutorial (Uttscheid, M.Sc.) on Investment and Finance
    • Securities Management (Dr. Deininger)


    • Lecture (Prof. Lorenz) an Exercise (Uttscheid, M.Sc.) on Discounted Cash Flow Methods
    • Lecture (Prof. Lorenz/Prof. Knoll) and Exercise (Uttscheid, M.Sc.) on Risk Management
      Please note the new examination regulations on risk management from WS 22/23.
    • Master Seminar (Prof. Lorenz)

    Courses in sommer term 2022

    We offer the following courses in the summer term 2022:


    • Lecture (Prof. Lorenz) and Exercise (Jopp, M.Sc.) on Decision Theorie
    • Bachelor Seminar (Prof. Lorenz)
    • Internship Seminar (Prof. Lorenz)
    • vhb-course: Introduction to risk management (Eppler, M.Sc.)
    • Securities Management (Dr. Deininger)


    • Lecture (Prof. Knoll) and Exercise (Jopp, M.Sc.) on Portfolio and Capital Market Theory
    • Master Seminar (Prof. Lorenz and Eppler, M.Sc.)

    Modules of the Chair

    Other Courses of the Chair

    Content:  Theoretical part / Practical Part

    Regular rotation: every semester

    Current announcement: will be held in WiSe 21/22 by Dr. Claus Deininger

    The course takes place exclusively via Zoom. The module can therefore only be studied digitally in the winter semester.

    For more information please contact claus.deininger@web.de

    Content:  https://www.wiwi.uni-wuerzburg.de/fzrm/fuer-studierende/bachelor

    Regular rotation: every semester

    Content:  Summary

    Regular rotation: every Semester

    Current announcement: The course will be held in summer semester 2022 in room 129 at 25.5., 22.6., 6.7., 20.7.,  and 3.8.2022, 18 - 20.