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    Chair of Business Management and Corporate Finance


    Content:  Content und Structure

    Regular rotation: every WiSe

    Current announcement: will be held by Prof. Dr. Daniela Lorenz  in WiSe 20/21

    Content:  Content and Structure

    Regular rotation: every SuSe

    Current announcement: will be held by Prof. Dr. Daniela Lorenz in SuSe 2021

    Content:  Content and Structure

    Regular rotation: every SuSe

    Current announcement: will be held by Prof. Dr. Leonhard Knoll in SuSe 2021

    Content:  Description

    Rotation: irregulary

    Current announcement: will be supervised in SuSe 2020 by Prof. Lorenz

    Application period: 15.03. -  01.04.2021

    Introduction meeting with topic assignment: Mo., 19.04.2021, 9 p.m., via zoom

    Specification of topic preference until: tba

    Delivery until: tba

    Presentation: tba

    The information including the list of topics for the sumer semester 2021 can be found here ...

    • Application:
      You must submit an informal application with a current list of grades and, if applicable, an overview of the examinations you have registered for within the application period to the chair at l-bwl4@uni-wuerzburg.de
    • Prerequisite:
      Passed exam in the compulsory subject Investment and Finance (I&F)
    • Achievements to be performed:
      Seminar paper (15 pages) and lecture with presentation (20 minutes)
      (Presentation guide)
    • Posting of your grade:
      In order to be able to book your grade, it is mandatory that you also register via WueStudy (study planner).

    Regular rotation: every semester

    Current announcement: will be supervised in SuSe 2021 by Prof. Dr. Daniela Lorenz

    Application deadline: 31.03.2021

    Introductory event (explanation of requirements, supervision and schedule): to be announced

    Deadline for internship report: to be announced

    Final presentation: to be announced


    Crediting of an internship in the area of corporate finance

    Students in the Bachelor's programme can have the completion of an internship recognised as a partial achievement in the area of the key qualification. An internship of at least four weeks can be credited with 5 ECTS and an internship of at least eight weeks with 10 ECTS.

    • Application:
      Before the start of the internship, an application with a written description of the activity (approx. one page), internship certificate, curriculum vitae in tabular form as well as a current grade table must be submitted to the chair   l-bwl4@uni-wuerzburg.de within the application deadline. Please indicate in which form the internship should be evaluated - graded or ungraded (pass/failed).
    • Prerequisites:
      Passed exam in the compulsory subject Investment and Finance (I&F)
      Internship (at least 4 or 8 weeks) with a financial focus, e.g. in a bank or a comparable company or institution, in the finance department of a company, in a management consulting company or similar.
      - It must be ensured that the trainee is used in a meaningful way and can apply his theoretical knowledge in practice. A contact person/mentor must be named for the duration of the internship.
    • Achievements to be performed:
      Internship report (15 pages) and a lecture with presentation (20 minutes)
      (Presentation Guide)

    • Prerequisite:

    To have your Bachelor's thesis supervise at the Chair of Corporate Finance, you must have passed an examination in "Investment and Finance"

    • Application:

    An overview of grades and a certificate of the registered examination results must be uploaded together with the application via the faculty's own online portal "FLIP".

    For applicants with priority 1 to our chair: Send an informal application with two or three sentences about your motivation for writing at our chair, possible topic suggestions as well as the desired time for processing to l-bwl4@uni-wuerzburg.de within the deadline by e-mail.

    • Registration:

    Please download the current registration form as a pdf file to complete it. The registration can only take place if at least 100 ECTS points have been successfully completed.

    • Processing time:

    A maximum of 8 weeks from the registration date.

    • Submission:

    The Bachelor's thesis must be submitted to the Examination Office in duplicate in written form with adhesive binding and in electronic form (pfd file) on a data carrier in due time.

    Further information:
    General Information about Theses.