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    Chair of Business Management and Corporate Finance

    Seminar: Securities Management

    The seminar aims to classify and question current, practical developments on the capital markets. This applies both on a microeconomic level with the analysis of individual securities on the stock market as well as interacting with developments on a macroeconomic basis. In particular, the influence of interest rate developments on the valuation of bonds and shares is elaborated. Since individual capital market components never exist completely separately from others, other areas such as real estate, private equity, hedge funds and the like will also be examined in the course in order to provide a comprehensive overview.

    Each participant (the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 18 students) has to cover a special field or sector, i.e. in each session he/she has to present in a few sentences the most important market events in his/her field since the last session and observe the stocks belonging to his/her special field.

    Ideally, individual securities assessments should be derived from the combination of practical observation and theoretical foundation.

    For the acquisition of 5 ECTS, one must participate regularly and actively in the course for one semester.