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Chair for Human Resource Management and Organisation

Human Resource and Organization

Scope: lecture and tutorial in each case 2 SWS (course number 10571000)

Exam form: Exam at the end of the semester (60 minutes)

The contents of this course are an important basis for future seminar and / or final theses at our chair. 
Participation is recommended.

The lecture "Personnel and Organization" introduces fundamental theoretical, estimation techniques 
and empirical findings on the topic of personnel economics and organization. The aim of the course is 
to enable the students to understand and apply basic theories, estimation techniques and empirical 
findings in the area of ​​personnel and organization on the basis of original scientific literature.

The literature will be announced during the course.



1. Foundations of the organization

2. The economic calculus of employers and employees

3. Functions of earnings

4. Challenges in leading teams

5. Information as a driving factor in personnel management

6. Demographic challenges for personnel management