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Chair for Human Resource Management and Organisation

Receiving credits for an internship

Students of the bachelor's program "Economics" can receive credits in the area of ​​key qualifications by
completing a company internship.

The organization of an internship is the responsibility of the students.

ECTS credits

    Min. 4-week internship: 5 ECTS credits
    Min. 8-week internship: 10 ECTS credits

Expected performance

    Internship report (10 pages for a 4-week internship, 15 pages for an 8-week internship)
    Participation and presentation (15-20 minutes) as part of a block course


    In both cases a mark can be awarded if desired.
    The grade consists of the internship report (2/3) and the presentation (1/3).


Interested students have to send an e-mail with the following information:
    Matriculation number, semester and grading
    Company and field of activity
    Period of the internship
    Your internship contract or confirmation from your employer about the completion of the internship
    Grading desired / not desired

Content of the report

Your report could include the following information

For example, what were the focal points during the internship? In cooperation with which departments 
have you worked? How were the special tasks performed? To what extent was what you have learned 
so far during your studies helpful? Cross references to the study or a personal evaluation of the internship
are welcome.

Regarding the formatting please adhere to our specifications for bachelor theses and seminar papers, 
which can be found on our website.