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Chair for Human Resource Management and Organisation

Empirical personnel research with STATA

Scope Four-day block seminar (10579650)

Exam Homework at the end of the event (5 ECTS credits)

Application The application runs via mail via l-bwl7@uni-wuerzburg.de. Apply by submitting your current Transcript of Records. The number of participants is limited to 18 students. The participation in the block seminar is highly recommended for the acceptance to write an empirical thesis at the chair. The content of this seminar is based on the master's courses offered by the chair.


The focus of the seminar is on understanding empirical questions, related problems and methodological implementation.

The application of the learned theoretical content with the statistical program STATA is intended to create a basic understanding of working with data and to sharpen the intuition for different estimation methods and problems.

1. Introduction with STATA

2. Simple descriptive representations

3. Transformations

4. Simple regression models

5. Estimator for binary target variables and interactions

6. Logit / Probit regressions

7. Endogeneity

8. Instrumental variables


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