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Chair for Human Resource Management and Organisation


Shortly after completion of the centralized allocation procedure via WueCampus2 there is an information session for those who are admitted for writing a thesis at our chair. Basic organisational and content related issues may be addressed on this occasion. After a first rough conceptual delimitation of a topic for the thesis you will be assigned to a supervisor.

Basically, students may choose the date of registration themselves in consultation with their supervisor. The general time frame for the registration of the thesis applies:

- Summer term: Registration July 31, at the latest

- Winter term: Registration January 31, at the latest


The topic for the thesis has to be selected by the students themselves in consultation with the supervisor in the field of personnel and organization economics. There is nothing like a list with predefined research questions available. Depending on the current status of research projects at the chair a participation in a research project is possible.

Thesis in cooperation with a company

Theses in companies and self-conducted empirical surveys are possible and definitely supported by us.

Combination bachelor seminar with bachelor thesis

For bachelor students of the current examination regulations of 2021, we offer a combined bachelor seminar plus bachelor thesis with 20 ECTS. You work on the same topic for the bachelor seminar as for the bachelor thesis. The seminar includes the following examinations: Approximately 5-page exposé, approximately 5-page summary of the background literature and the interim presentation of the Bachelor's thesis. The bachelor's thesis combined with the seminar paper includes the usual examination performances.

Opportunities for gaining feedback 

In addition to a thorough support in individual discussions before and after the registration of the thesis, a comprehensive alignment of the structure, as well as direct help with problems in finding suitable data, econometric questions or the classification of literature, we offer the following additional feedback opportunities during the writing of the thesis:

for the bachelor thesis: We offer the possibility of a (ungraded) short interim presentation of the thesis. The presentation takes place online approximately 4 to 5 weeks after registration. You send us the presentation slides with an audio track recorded by you by e-mail a few days beforehand. The supervisor, the department staff and Prof. Zwick will then discuss your presentation with you.

for the master's thesis: ten sample pages can be submitted for preliminary correction by the supervisor (ungraded).

Formal requirements

Attention: New formal rules for scientific work (pdf) New formal rules for scientific work (word)(08.11.21) since winter term 2021/2022!

Note on delivery

Due to the exemption regulation of § 26 para. 10 ASPO 2015, the thesis must be submitted to the examination office in the following form:

1. Bound copies, paginated in written form according to ASPO, the assurance of independent performance integrated in the thesis. In addition, in Bachelor's degree subjects, one copy is to be enclosed in the form of a file in one of the generally accepted, machine-readable and unchangeable file formats on a standard storage medium, which is to be labelled with name and matriculation number; in Master's degree subjects, two copies are required.


2. A copy as a file in one of the common, machine-readable and unchangeable file formats on a common storage medium (two copies/two storage media are required in Master's degree programmes), which is to be labelled with name and matriculation number. The assurance of independent performance - printed out and signed in the original.

Furthermore, § 26 para. 10 ASPO 2015 remains unaffected.