Digital entrepreneurship and digital transformation


Digital technologies are changing our lifes at unprecedented pace and have triggered two important phenomena. The first, digital entrepreneurship (i.e., start-ups with business models dependent on digital technology), involves a new class of entrepreneurial activity that differs in many ways from more 'conventional' entrepreneurship, for instance with regard to the development of business models. The second, digital transformation (i.e., continuously leveraging the opportunities of digital technologies in a company’s strategy), leads companies to rethink their raison-d'être. Research in both areas is still in its infancy.

Core themes

1. Why, when, and how does digital entrepreneurship emerge and thrive?

2. Why, when, and how does digital transformation give companies a sustainable competitive edge?

Exemplary publications

Schmidt, A., Walter, S. G., & Walter, A. (2013). Radicalness of Technological Inventions and Young Venture Performance—The Role of Technological Competition and Product Diversity. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 60 (4), 728-738.

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PhD projects

Diemer, M.K. (2017-ongoing). Technology Sourcing Portfolios in the Era of Digital Transformation.