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    Chair of Econometrics

    Dr. Manfred Plagens

    Dr. Manfred Plagens

    Stadt Würzburg
    Fachabteilung Statistik

    Office hours: By arrangement

    Responsibilities in the winter term 2021/2022

    Curriculum Vitae

    Dr. Manfred Plagens studied Economics at the University of Würzburg from 1990 to 1995 and graduated with the degree Diplom-Volkswirt. In 2002, he received his doctorate under Prof. Dr. Rainer Klump on the subject Innovationsprozesse in der Medizintechnik in Deutschland at the University of Würzburg. Here he was also employed as a research assistant in the working group "Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung" and later as a project manager at the "Centre for Regional Research". Since 2009 he has been head of the Department of Statistics at the City of Würzburg. Since 2012 he has been lecturer at the Chair of Econometrics for the course "'European Economic Statistics".