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    New subject: "European Macroeconomics"


    The chair offers the new subject "European Macroeconomics" for Bachelor students in the coming semester. The module will be offered exclusively online.

    This is a new online course in the bachelor program of the Economics Faculty. It presents an introduction into macroeconomics with a specific focus on the euro area. The theoretical part provides a critical presentation of the two key macroeconomic models: the (neo)classical approach and the Keynesian approach. This allows a comparative analysis of important macroeconomic topics: unemployment, inflation, government debt, Modern Monetary Theorie, banks and financial crises. The policy-oriented part discusses the monetary policy of the ECB and the specific challenges for fiscal policy in the euro area. The course also presents other euro area specific topics: Optimum currency area, euro crises, Next Generation EU and Green New Deal. 

    Please, click here for more information.

    All course material will be available on WueCampus