Deutsch Intern
    Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics

    Master Thesis


    Summer and Winter Term


    This chair participates in the central application process of the university. Deadlines and application conditions are given by the Deans Office. Please do also send a Mail containing:
       - current marks
       - 3 prioritized topics you would like to work. For priority one, you will need to work out a short application on how you plan to structure your thesis (1/2 page).
       - You can also find own topics, if they fit the chairs research interests.

    Further Information

    The deadline will be exactly 6 months after you finally determined your topic together with Prof. Bofinger. You need to provide 2 written copies of your thesis and also one digital copy saved on a suitable medium to the "Prüfungsamt". The thesis should extend 60 - 80 pages.


    Topics are available on the German site. If you want to participate in English, please contact us via E-Mail previous to your application. We also offer a cooperation with Catella Real Estate AG.

    Remarks on the Formal Reqirements for Seminars and Thesises

    Remarks are also only given in German. Basically we use citation in APA-Style. Please contact us via E-Mail if you want to do your thesis in English.



    Fabian Mayer, M.Sc. (fabian.mayer2@uni-wuerzburg.de)