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    Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics

    Master Thesis


    Winter and summer semester


    If you are interested, please contact us anytime by mail at fabian.mayer2@uni-wuerzburg.de. Please include your current grade report in your mail and let us know your area of interest/preferred thesis topic. We will then contact you to schedule an initial interview.

    It is not necessary to apply via FLIP, and thus it is not necessary to meet the central application deadlines. 

    Further information

    The deadline for thesis submission is 6 months after the topic has been finally determined and a short reading-in period has taken place. The work is possible during the semester break as well as during the current semester. Supervision is provided by a research assistant. 

     You need to provide 2 written copies of your thesis and also one digital copy saved on a suitable medium to the "Prüfungsamt". The thesis should extend 60 - 80 pages (graphs not included).

    Theses can be written in German or in English.


    We would like to involve our students more in the research activities at our chair in the future. For this reason, all theses will be thematically related to our main research topics and the work on the thesis will be done in close cooperation with the chair team. Therefore, we do not accept proposals for topics outside our research interests. In an orientation meeting, we will discuss with you which topics you can specifically support us with in the context of our current research projects.

    Overview of our research interests:

    • Development and growth strategies
    • The role of the financial system in monetary growth models
    • Real vs. monetary growth
    • Inequality and growth in Asia
    • Digitalization of the monetary system / CBDC

    Remarks on the Formal Reqirements for Seminars and Thesises

    Remarks are unfortunately only given in German. Basically we use citation in APA-Style. Please contact us via E-Mail if you want to do your thesis in English.



    Fabian Mayer, M.Sc. (fabian.mayer2@uni-wuerzburg.de)