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    Chair of International Economics


    winter term 2020/21

    In winter term 2020/21 we will have

    • International Economics (bachelor program), Wednesday, 10 to 12
    • International Trade and the Multinational Firm (master program), Thursday, 12 to 14
    • Advanced Macroeconomics (master program), Thursday, 16 to 18

    All lectures take place via zoom. You may find further information, also on tutrials, on our Homepage "Aktuelles" and on our e-learning platform WueCampus.

    Moreover, we willoffer in winter term 2020/21 a seminar on Topics of International and Regional Economics



    Students specializing in our courses acquire a profound understanding of the drivers of international trade, the forces shaping the location of economic activity, the effects of trade policies and the evolution of the world trading system, and rationales for and effects of urban and regional policies.

    Summer Term 2020


    In summer term 2020 the chair will offer

    • Macroeconomics I (Bachelor), lecture as well as tutorials
    • Trade Policy and the World Trading System (Master), lecture as well as tutorial

    The chair will not offer

    • Economic Geography (Master)
    • Seminar International Economics (Bachelor and Master)

    Please note, the next Seminar International Economics will be offered in winter term 2020/21


    Please note further on, that there will be no exam for Economic Geography in summerterm 2020 and winterterm 2020/21!