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    Chair of International Economics


    Application and Allocation

    The application and allocation for bachelor and master theses spots happens centrally through the office of the dean of studies. There are two application deadlines each year. You have to register before these deadline in order to write you thesis during the following semester or semester break. These deadline will usuall be shortly before the end of the semester (december or june) and are announced by the office of the dean of studies. Please direct any questions about the application to the dean of studies office.


    The determination of the thesis topic occurs after the successful application. Currently the chair supervises theses with topics from the following fields

    • Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
    • trade and labor markets
    • trade theory
    • economic geography, urban and regional economics
    • further topics in international economics

    Formal requirements

    Please note our formal requirments for seminar, bachelor, and master theses editing manual.