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    Chair of International Economics

    Validation of foreign courses

    Equivalent foreign courses can be accepted as replacements for classes offered by the chair.

    If foreign courses differ in terms of their topics from those offered by the chair but are equivalent in terms of scope and demand and from the field of international or regional economics they can be validated as Dummy-Modul ("Ausgewählte Probleme der...").

    For the validation of foreign courses it is absolutely mandatory to check the equivalence of the classes with our chair before leaving for the exchange. The validation of foreign achievements can not be guaranteed in retrospect.

    Therefore, please inform us in advance about the classes you plan to chose, in particular please provide us with the following information (in German, English, French or Spanish):

    • titel of the course and teacher
    • type (lecture, tutorial, seminar...) and scope (hours per week)
    • exam type (written, oral, take-home...)
    • topics/contents of the class, if possible slides
    • accompanying books (if given)

    Please note that a validation of foreign classes without this information is not possible.

    If you decide to switch classes during your stay please let us know immediately!