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    Chair of Industrial Economics

    Assignment of final papers and seminar papers for the summer term 2020


    Currently you can apply again for a position for seminar papers and final papers.


    Currently, you can apply again for a position for the final theses in the Bachelor's degree programmes as well as for the seminar papers and final theses in the Master's degree programmes of the faculty.

    All necessary information, steps and deadlines can be found on he faculty's homepage (Homepage der Fakultät) as well as in the document "Assignment of theses for the winter semester 2020("Vergabe von Abschluss- und Seminararbeiten für das Wintersemester 2020") in the WueCampus course "Wiwi-Studienberatung".


    Please note the following deadlines:

    Application deadline: 10 December 2019
    Deadline for applications: 10 January 2020

    Remaining stock exchange: 24 to 26 January 2020