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    Chair of Industrial Economics

    Bachelor Program

    For the economic bachelor degree the chair for industrial economics offers 6 lectures, whereof Mikroökonomik II (Managerial Economics) is compulsory and should be attended by the students in their third semester. For students already focusing on industrial economics while being in the bachelor degree, we offer the following plan to attend our electoral duty courses. We point out, that all lectures of our chair can be attended after having successfully passed Mikroökonomik II; with respective effort one can perform good and very good in these courses.

    Structure Bachelor


    Strategie und Wettbewerb I (Introduction to Game Theory)

    Mikroökonomik II  (Managerial Economics)




    Business Strategy for Information and Network Industries;


    Strategie und Wettbewerb II (Wettbewerbspolitik);

    Introduction to Industrial Organization


    Strategie und Wettbewerb III (Regulation and Deregulation)

    Bachelor Thesis



    Besides the electoral duty courses students can earn ECTS points for subject-specific core skills. This is possible either as a tutor or when submitting an internship report. Both graded alternatives are worth 5 ECTS.

    Furthermore, it is possible to write a seminar paper which is worth 5 ECTS points. It can very well be used as a preparation for the bachelor thesis, in which the same topic can be researched more in depth. Basically, this is possible every semester. However, we recommend to at least having successfully completed 2 electoral duty courses at our chair before writing a seminar paper in order to get a basic understanding for issues concerning industrial economics. We assume that the 5th semester is the optimal point of time for a seminar paper.

    The chair can supervise internships (informal inquiry at the chair timely before conducting the internship). Besides a written confirmation by the company/ the organization the evaluation happens based on an internship report and a presentation.

    The chair’s advices regarding the supervision of internships can be found here: Guide for internships

    Here you can find the chair´s guide for academic writing.

    When working as a tutor (in Mikroökonomik II) ECTS points can be earned.

    For this, the foundation is:                                           

    1.    Drafting an exercise

    2.    Presentation of this exercise, its solution as well as its teaching goal

    3.    Assessing the work as a tutor