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    Chair for Economics, Contract Theory and Information Economics (VWL7)




    Here you can find the current courses in the Summersemester 2022.

    The specialization „Strategic Incentive Design“ aims at providing an understanding of how proper design of the institutional framework (e.g., employment contracts, organizational structures, tax systems, competition laws) can help to ensure that the decisions taken by self-interested individuals (e.g., the effort an employee devotes to her work, the income share that a household saves for retirement, the pricing policy of firm) result in the most desirable (from the perspective of the party that designs the institutional framework) allocation of economic resources.

    Point of departure is the analysis of individual decision making with regard to both riskless as well as risky choice (Advanced Microeconomics). This basic understanding of individual decision making then can be deepened by studying interdependent decision making of several individuals (Strategic Decisions and Competition) or by enriching the idea of man in economics by explicitly incorporating psychological insights regarding human behavior (Behavioral Economics).

    Building on the insights gained with regard to individual decision making, a series of classes allows to explore how contracts (Contract Theory), organizational structure (Incentives in Organizations and Koordination, Budgetierung und Anreize im Unternehmen), tax systems (Optimal Tax Theory), or competition laws (European Competition Policy) have to be designed in order to guarantee that the decisions made by one or several individuals translate into the most desirable feasible outcome for the party that designs the institutional setting in which these decisions are taken.

    Courses on Decision Theory:

    Courses on the Design of Institutions:

    • Contract Theory
    • Incentives in Organizations
    • Koordination, Budgetierung und Anreize im Unternehmen
    • Optimal Tax Theory
    • European Competition Policy

    This specialization is for students in the Master program Management that study within the stuy regulations ("Fachspezifische Bestimmungen") from the July 18, 2018.

    The Chair for Contract Theory and Information Economics supervises seminar works and theses in the fields of Contract Theory, Behavioral and Experimental Economics as well as Industrial Economics. Prerequisites are a special interest in microeconomic questions and to have fun with formal economic analysis. The thesis or seminar paper will be based on a recent research article, therefore the working and analyzing of the article requires a solid mathematical understanding. The difficulty of a thesis is thereby higher than the difficulty of the lectures and the seminar.


    The application is centrally organised by the Studiendekanat. The procedure is described in the hints of the faculty.

    Please upload the following documents via the online platform FLIP.

    • CV
    • Certificate of all passed modules (Bachelor/Master)


    Please pay attention to the following hints for writing a scientific work (english)(german).

    Here you can find a Latex templatefor thesis papers.

    The registration and submission of a thesis must be in the semester for which the supervision was confirmed. Seminar works, and bachelor theses have to be created during the lecture period (not in the semester break). The deadline for seminar works and bachelor theses is approx. 2-3 weeks before the end of the lecture period. Thesis registration formulars can be found at the webpage of the respective examination office (Prüfungsamt).

    A bachelor thesis should not exceed 20 pages of text. For a master thesis the limit is 40 pages of text. A seminar work should have between 10 and 12 pages of text.

    For us to be able to decide whether the examination outcomes from foreign universities can be accepted, we need you to proceed as follows:

    Submission of relevant documents and information via email:

    • Name of the university, syllabus, and the full lecture script of the respective course (preferred in digital form), duration of the lecture, type of the examination (written, verbal)
    • Credit point statement
    • Your mail (with the subject “Anrechnung von Prüfungsleistungen”) should also include a statement on which lecture of the chair is meant to be substituted by the foreign course 

    In case of a positive feedback, we ask you to fill out the application, which can be found on the homepage of the examination office and to give it to Irmgard Klein in room 382. Please pay attention to the office hours.

    We will contact you via email as soon as you can collect the application. You then have to collect the application in room 382 and submit it to the examination office.

    Please send your request with the relevant documents to fabio.roemeis@uni-wuerzburg.de

    Note that a request for a letter of recommendation is only accepted if the request was made at least 14 days before the deadline of the application. The requirement for the creation of a letter of recommendation is that the applicant has passed at least one class or seminar at the chair for contract theory and information economics with the grade 2.0 or better.

    Please note that the following information and documents have to be included in your application (via email) for the letter of recommendation:

    • Current certificate of modules passed (Bachelor and/or Master)
    • Current tabular CV
    • If the letter of recommendation is for a semester abroad: Letter of motivation (Reasons for the choice of the country and the university, description of your plans for the semester e.g. courses you plan to take part in) 
    • The language of the letter of recommendation should be in (English or German)
    • If the institution, foundation or university you apply at has a standardized template for the letter of recommendation please add it to the attachment of your mail. Please mention it in your mail if such a template does not exist.
    • The date you need the letter of recommendation to be finished
    • Addressee of the letter of recommendation (exact address)

    Please send your request with the relevant documents to asri.oezguemues@uni-wuerzburg.de