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Faculty of Business Management and Economics

Business Information Systems

This course of study is for school-leavers who wish to acquire the skills and qualifications necessary for the planning, organisation, application, and development of information processing in business and industry.

The course covers the fundamentals and methodology of Business Management, Economics, and Business Information Systems. The first two semesters are an introductory and orientation phase. The students learn methodological principles particularly from the fields of computer science and business information systems and acquire fundamental knowledge of the basics of Business Management and Economics. At the same time they are given comprehensive insight into the central economic questions and become acquainted with mathematical and theoretical concepts. From the third semester, in addition to the compulsory programme, students can select subjects from a pool of attractive compulsory core electives and key qualification modules. The bachelor degree thus provides a sound basis for the master degree which follows and equips the students with a good preparation for the world of work.

Aims and Characteristics

  • A combination of Business Management, Economics and Information Technology.
  • Credits for interdisciplinary classes.
  • Encouragement of student mobility in exchange programmes and recognition of the courses taken at other universities in a simplified process.
  • Rigorous preparation for the world of work through the acquisition of thorough knowledge in the areas of business management and economics and the advancement of social and communicative skills.
  • Individual academic counselling and guidance with the mentor and tutor system.