Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods


      No. It is sufficient, if you send us your prefered topic from our topic list. However, a memo is needed, if you want to suggest a topic of your own.   

    Name your advisor in the form and send it to our office (bwl11@uni-wuerzburg.de). It will take care of the further steps.  

    Please send a Mail with the following informations to the office of the chair bwl11@uni-wuerzburg.de :

    • Name of the course
    • Your major
    • Your current semester
    • Name and location of the university abroad
    • The module, in which you want to credit the course
    • A report, which verifies that you have passed the course at the foreign university
    • An overview of your current grades

      Basically you have to write a thesis by yourself.  

     To do an internship by working on your thesis is not recommended. It is possible to get an introduction in your topic at the internship, before you hand in the application of the thesis.  

    For the course place clearing portal the same requirements apply as for a regular application. 

    Normally in English.  

    Bachelor thesis: 8 Weeks. Master thesis: 6 months.

    Two printed copies for the examination office including a digital copy.