Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods

Teaching - Winter 2021


There is some hope that in our forthcoming semester we will be able to offer lectures and seminars on-site ("Präsenzlehre"). However, there is still some uncertainty and on-site lectures may not yet be suitable for all of our students.
We will try to find a format that caters best to our students' needs and, most importantly, maximizes students' learning experience.
During the last three semesters we developed excellen material for online teaching that was very well received by our students. In the upcoming semester(s) we want to selectively utilize this material and enhance it with live sessions that will hopefully be carried out on site. At the same time, we want to ensure that all courses can also be completed by students who cannot attend on-site lectures and sessions.
We will discuss and identify the best format with our students in the first lecture of each one of our courses. The first lecture will be held online (via Zoom) to ensure that as many students as possible can contribute to our discussion. During the semester we will re-evaluate the success of our teaching formats and make adjustments when it appears beneficial or necessary, e.g. due to development of the Covid-19 pandemic.