Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods

Seminar for Internship

Seminar for Internship (Praktikums-Seminar)

The Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods offers supervision of internships for Bachelor students. Internships lasting for three weeks can be completed with 5 ECTS points without being graded. Six week (minimum) internships yield 10 ECTS points, whereby the following areas contribute to the final grade: internship report (50%), presentation (25%) and employer’s letter of reference (25%).


Admission Requirements

  • The internship must be related to Logistics, Purchasing, or Supply Chain Management
  • There is a person of contact, who accompanies the internship from the corporate side
  • The company must provide a contract or written confirmation of the internship


In order to apply, please send all of the following information/documents (PDF files, if possible) per e-mail to our office (bwl11@uni-wuerzburg.de):

  • Internship contract or a written confirmation from company
  • Short description of activities (if known, max. 5 lines)
  • Name of company, department, and length of internship
  • Your name, your e-mail address, and your matriculation number
  • Your transcript of grades from wuestudy

Internship Report

  • The formal requirements of the internship will be stipulated in the compulsory seminar: Scientific Work. The next date can be found here.
  • Length:
    • for an internship of 3 to 6 weeks: appr. 10 pages
    • for an internship of more than 6 weeks: appr. 15 pages
  • Structure:
    • Present company and department
    • Describe work activities / project
    • Depict and discuss work results
    • Critically reflect on internship
  • The internship report is not a chronological work report (as in vocational training programs). Therefore, relevant theories and academic literature should be integrated. The application and transfer of theories to practical situations is an important factor in the report’s evaluation.


Internship report submission: to be announced  (as pdf to bwl11@uni-wuerzburg.de)

Presentation of internship report: to be announced