Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods

Managerial Analytics & Decision Making

Managerial Analytics & Decision Making (Master)

Dates winter term 2019/20

Please note that this lecture will not be offered during the winter semester 2019/20
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Tuesdays, 2.00 - 6.00 p.m, (Alte IHK - großer Hörsaal)
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5 CPs


The daily working life of a manager naturally involves taking a large number of decisions, with varying amounts of importance, complexity and availability of supporting data.  This course will initially cover concepts and methods to structure managerial decisions in a coherent fashion and to deal with multiple objectives. Thereupon, the concepts of risk, uncertainty, and managers’ risk attitudes will be introduced, along with modeling via Monte Carlo Simulation and scenario analysis. The framework will then be extended to groups of interacting subjects, both with common and contrasting objectives. Finally, in order to link theory with practice, models and methods will be applied to a variety of different case studies from different business domains.

After successfully completing the course, students should be able to:

Understand and apply the principles of rational decision making in a business context.
Apply advanced decision support methods (such as decision trees, Monte Carlo simulations, scenario analysis) to analyze and structure strategic business decisions. Please download the syllabus for detailed information.

Course material

Available on Wuecampus.


Dr. Richard Pibernik, Professor (richard.pibernik@uni-wuerzburg.de)


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