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Strategic Management of Global Supply Chains

Strategic Management of Global Supply Chains (Master)

Dates summer term 2020

4 blocks of classes: Wednesdays: 12 - 8 p.m. großer HS, alte IHK
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5 CPs


Large-scale as well as medium-sized companies have progressively globalized their value creation activities over the past years. They operate in global markets – both in procuring goods and services as well as in dealing with customers. At the same time, many companies have outsourced fundamental parts of their value creation to partners (i.e. suppliers, logistics service providers, etc.). In order to decrease production and procurement costs, outsourcing partners have been chosen in low-cost countries (so-called low cost country sourcing). Companies are faced with the problem of designing and coordinating the best possible strategies for global value networks (global supply chains). In this lecture, important theoretical and practical issues in strategic management of global supply chains are addressed.

The following topics are discussed:
Introduction to Global Supply Chain Strategies Design of Global Production Networks Global vs. Local Sourcing Contract Manufacturing und Supply Chain Intermediaries Incentive Structures and Coordination in Global Supply Chains.
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Dr. Richard Pibernik, Professor (richard.pibernik@uni-wuerzburg.de)


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