Chair of Public Finance

    New Course Structure


    Starting in 2018 we will change the current course structure. In the Bachelor program the course “Micro III: Die Rolle des Staates in der Wirtschaft” will be offered the last time next summer semester. In the future many topics from this course will be discussed in the course “Einführung in die Wirtschaftspolitik” offered by Prof. Christina Felfe (successor of Prof. Berthold) starting in summer term 2019.

    Instead we will now offer an additional “Project seminar” in the winter semester both for Bachelor and for Master students. This seminar is specifically designed for students who took the respective “Computational economics” course in the previous summer term. During the seminar they will further enhance their computational skills by developing an own simulation model under the supervision of experienced programmers. Grading in this course will be based on a seminar paper and the presentation of the model. The idea of the project seminar is also to develop ideas for a Bachelor or a Master thesis which may be based on the seminar work.