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    Dynamische Monetäre Makroökonomie


    Ab 14.04.2016!

    Donnerstag: 10-12 Uhr, Raum 413
    Dienstag: 16-18 Uhr, Raum 418


    5 ECTS


    The course offers a primer into advanced business cycle analysis. The focus lies in understanding and applying modern analytical approaches, in particular Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models (DSGE), which are utilized in central banks and other international institutions, e.g., Europeans Commission and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    The following topics will be addressed: Micro founded approach to analyze key determinants of the business cycle: Households consumption, labor and savings decisions and firm’s labor, capital demand and pricing decisions. Design of monetary policy: Simple rules versus optimal discretion. The analytical approaches will be evaluated in depth with case studies and simulations implemented with Dynare. In addition, specific topics that extend the basic framework, will be discussed.


    Alle Kursmaterialien gibt es in WueCampus.


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