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    Dates & Application Deadlines

    Applications for matriculation and housing for the 2014 Summer program must be completed online by January 15th, 2014.


    Every year, Wuerzburg University welcomes up to 600 exchange students who either study here under the framework of the ERASMUS program or a university partnership agreement like the one between Florida Gulf Coast University and Wuerzburg University.
    In order to be admitted, exchange students must complete the following steps:

    1. Matriculation at Julius-Maximilians-University Wuerzburg:

    Your coordinator Rosemary Meza needs to send your information to the University of Wuerzburg. The international office will nominate you and send you an email with all information for admission and housing. 

    1.1 Complete application form

    To apply online you must first create a personal account in which you can make your application, save it and continue to work on it at a later stage if you wish so. Please log in to your personal account, complete the online form and submit your application. You will get the link via email from the international office. 

    1.2 Finalize the application

    You need to fill in all relevant information and submit you application online.

    Deadlines for application:

    15th January for summer term

    1.3 Approval

    Generally we admit every application, which has been submitted online. At this point you will receive further information regarding your studies.

    1.4 Registration (after your arrival in Wuerzburg)

    You have to register face-to-face when you get to Würzburg. The employees and tutors oft he International Office are willed to help you to get your student’s ID and the ticket for the public services (see 2. Matriculation and Semester Fee).

    International Office                                         

    Campus Hubland Nord

    Josef-Martin-Weg 54/2

    97074 Würzburg

    Tel: +49 (0)931/31-82804                                                                            

     Fax: +49 (0)931/31-82603 

    2. Semester fee and Matriculation:

    2.1 Semester Fee (after your arrival in Wuerzburg)

    The semester fee is the sum total of various fees and contributions for every semester that students regularly have to pay at registration or re-registration. 

    The current semester fee of € 102.70 includes the following items (Status: Nov 2014):

    Student Services contribution: € 42.00

    Semester ticket: € 60.70

    The amount of € 102.70 must have been transferred to the University prior to registration. The account number will be included in your Letter of Admission. Please have your bank confirm the money transfer.

    In order to get the money transfer done as soon as you are in Wuerzburg, please keep in mind to bring some money in cash with you (at least 120 EUR). As soon as we open the bank account in Wuerzburg we will transfer this money. 

    2.2 Matriculation/Registration

    Please come to the International Office and bring the following documents to the

    International Office:

    ·       Online-Form printed out and signed

    ·       Form for the student card (= semester ticket) with one photo fixed

    ·       Copy of your passport with valid residence permit or visa

    ·       Confirmation of your health insurance

    ·       Proof of payment that you have transferred the semester fees

    ·       Ex-matriculation, if you had been enrolled at a German or Austrian university

     After Matriculation you will get your student card in the International Office. They will inform you as soon as they receive your student card.

    The semester ticket is valid on all lines of the VVM in the city and the district. Moreover you can load money on it and then you can pay in the cafeteria without cash. You can also borrow media at the library of the university.

    The International Office will send a letter of admission to the students, which they have to bring with them to Germany.

    3. Housing:

    3.1 Housing information

    If program students apply by the official application deadline for a room in a dormitory, they will have guaranteed accommodation! The Student Housing Service is responsible for ten dormitories in various locations in Würzburg.



    • Single apartments or single rooms in shared apartments, in which two to four students share a kitchen and bathroom

    • All rooms and apartments are furnished;

    • Rents range from € 160.00 to € 350.00 per month, depending on the size of the room/apartment and its equipment;

    • You can find more information about the individual dormitories here

    Length of stay:


    • Student accommodations are granted for six months (beginning with the semester on 1 April). A shorter rental period is not possible.

    3.2 Housing Application


    • Deadline: January 15th  for the summer semester

    • Please note: Dormitory housing is only guaranteed if students apply and pay the deposit (200 €) by the deadline!


      • The deposit must be made before you can fill out the housing application!


    • Please note that you can already apply for housing without having the admission letter from us! After having sent us your application, you will receive a mail with information on how to apply for dormitories (for guidance see the housing instructions manual)

    • Please fill in the Online Application Form. Afterwards you have to check the following steps:

    • Please print out this application before sending, so you will have a copy for yourself.

    • After you have sent the application, you will receive an e-mail including a link. You have to confirm this link within 5 days after we have sent it, if you are still interested in our rooms. If you don´t confirm the link in time, your application is no longer taken into account and will not be on the waiting list anymore. Only if you confirm this link in time, your application will be registered in our system.

    • Please check the receipt of your e-mails regularly, also check your spam filter and make sure that your mailbox is not full.

    3.3 Rental contract:
    Your rental contract will be sent to you before your departure to Würzburg.
    You have to bring the original document with you. After your arrival you have to hand it in at Studentenwerk Würzburg.

    3.4 Hand-over of keys:
    After the arrival of your rental contract you have to sign this document. Please send it per E-Mail to Marion Hösselbarth ( in time.

    3.5 Introduction at facility manager:
    Within your first week in Würzburg please register at your facility manager and hand in the following documents:


    • Passport photo

    • A Housing checklist to check your apartment and furniture of completeness

    3.6 Internet:
    If you need help with unlocking the Internet in your apartment, please contact your housing tutors.

    3.7 Termination & deposit refund (End of May)
    You have to go to the Studentenwerk in the middle of July and hand in the following application forms:

    4. Visa

    Before the arrival:


    • Find out if you need a visa, please check the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    • Students from the European Union and several other countries (e.g.

    • EFTA-countries, USA and Japan) do not need a visa to enter Germany, just a valid passport or identification card

    • Request your visa well in advance. Gathering all of the necessary documents can take time;

    • Exchange students who are not from an EU country need a resident permit. Make an appointment as soon as possible after your arrival with the Würzburg Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the City Hall (approx. cost: EUR 100 if you need a visa)

    • You can acquire your student’s visa at the German Embassy or the German Consulate. You will find the adresses here.

    5. Registration/Residence permit

    After arriving, you should register with the proper registration authority for your place of residence as soon as possible. For the registration you need your certificate of matriculation and your ID. If a visa is necessary, you also need the visa confirmation If you live in Würzburg, your Registration Office is:

    Bürgerbüro, Meldestelle der Stadt Würzburg Rathaus, Rückermainstr. 2, 97070 Würzburg Room 34

    Opening Hours:
    Mon – Wed: 8:00 – 17:00 Thu: 8:00 – 18:00 Fri: 8:00 – 17:00
Citizens‘ Office (Bürgerbüro)

    6. Health Insurance

    Adequate health insurance is required for registration. Home insurance companies should be contacted before departing to Germany. A German insurance company will verify the insurance status of students.

    In Germany, health insurance is compulsory for all students – nationals or foreigners. On Registration/Immatriculation at the University, students must produce proof of health insurance (statutory or private). It is not possible to register without this proof (membership cards from healthcare providers are inadmissible!).
    You should therefore take care of your health insurance soon after you arrive at your place of study. To do this, you have to present your Letter of Admission at the health insurance organization of your choice. You will receive a membership certificate, which you will have to submit at Immatriculation/Registration. There is a special student healthcare plan (Studentische Kranken- und Pflegeversicherung), which is comparatively inexpensive. Statutory health insurance providers (gesetzliche Krankenkassen) uniformly offer a rate of approx. 58 Euro/month for students up to age 30. Germany has entered into social security agreements with a number of countries. This applies to most members of the EU and some other European states. The statutory health insurance providers of these countries are recognized in Germany. Students may remain insured in their country of origin and will be exempt from compulsory insurance contributions in Germany. Under certain conditions,
    students who have private health insurance in their native countries may be exempted from compulsory health insurance as well. You should therefore contact your health insurance provider at home, to find out if and what kind of healthcare benefits they will cover. In any case, you will need an insurance certificate from a statutory provider for registering at the University. You can obtain it by presenting proof of health insurance in your country of origin at one of the statutory health insurance providers at your place of study. Depending on where you are from, you will need different forms that bear the confirmation of your health insurance provider at home.
    Statutory health insurance provider (Gesetzliche Krankenkassen) in Würzburg:


    • Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse Würzburg (AOK), Studentenservice, Sanderstraße 27; Contact: Preißinger, Thomas <>

    Please bear in mind that student health insurance cover only becomes effective with the beginning of the semester. If you plan on arriving in Germany before the semester starts (e.G. For a language course), remember to take out private health insurance for the relevant period.

    7. Costs


    • Before the arrival:


      • Deposit for Housing: 200 Euro

      • Opening a blocked bank account: 50 Euro (for those, who need a visa)


    • During you stay:


      • Semester fees: 102,70 Euro

      • Accommodation:  about 250 Euro/month (from April to September)

      • Health Insurance: about 80 Euro/month

      • Meals: Meal prices are slightly lower compared to the United States. Students can have lunch or dinner at the cafeteria for 3 Euros to 5 Euros per meal.

      • Registration at City Hall: free of charge, unless you need a visa for Germany



    8. Banking account

    8.1 For students who need a visa:
    All foreign students from non-EU countries (e.g. China, Cameroon, etc.) are required to meet their own living costs when studying in Germany. In order to enter Germany, non-EU students maybe need a valid visa. This can only be issued once the student has deposited a specified amount of money in a German bank account (e.g. with Deutsche Bank) and blocked this sum with the Federal Republic of Germany as beneficiary. You can find more information here:

    First you have to fill in the contract and send it to Deutsche Bank.

    What happens then (information from Deutsche Bank):


    • Once we have received the documents, we will check that they are complete and have been filled in correctly before opening the account for you.

    • Once the account-opening process has been completed, we will inform you of your account number and IBAN code in an e-mail, which will be sent to the address you provided in your application form.

    • As soon as you have received your account number, you can transfer the mandatory minimum balance to your account, which is specified in the supplementary form. Please bear in mind the charges and payment transfer fees your principal bank invoices for this service. You may, of course, transfer amounts that are greater than the minimum amount stated. Once the money has been credited to your Deutsche Bank account, we will notify the embassy and if requested, also you, that the balance has been received. Please note that we are unable to accept any payments by cheque.

    • Once you have arrived in Germany, please visit us at one of Deutsche Bank’s branch, where a member of staff will help you to complete the service order. Please note that without this service order, your account will remain blocked (this means that any transfers or direct debits submitted previously will not be processed).

    • Please send the original versions of the documents (not by e-mail or fax) to the address in Germany indicated in the letterhead.

    Before you leave Germany, you have to close your account:

    8.2 For students who don’t need a visa:
    Since you want to stay in Germany, you should open a checking account (Girokonto) with a bank or “Sparkasse” (publicly-supported banking institution). In order to open a student account you will have to show your Matriculation Certificate or your Letter of Admission.

    9. Documents you need for Wuerzburg


    • Rental contract (2 times)

    • Three passport pictures

    • Confirmation of your health insurance

    • Letter of admission from Wuerzburg

    • Documents for your visa

    • Copy of your passport

    10. Estimated Costs

    Wuerzburg Exchange Program

    List of Estimated Costs- Summer 2017


    Pay FGCU

    Pay Wuerzburg



    6-9 credits

    No Charge

    FGCU scholarships, grants, other Financial Aid may cover part or all FGCU tuition expenses

    Housing  Reservation Deposit (1)

    200 Euros

    Is non-refundable if student decides not to go but will be applied to damage deposit if student goes.

    Housing- Rental fee

    Approx. 1,700 Euros

    Depending on which housing student is assigned to.

    Damage Deposit

    280-550 Euros

    Depending on which housing student is assigned to.

    Care Package

    No Charge

    Prof. Winkelmann the Department Chair kindly provides care packages for FGCU students, which  contain: quilt, pillow, bedding, a blanket, two glasses, two plates, one cup, two knives, two spoons, two forks, two teaspoons, cocking pots, pan, wooden spoon, cutting board and one dish towel.

    Administrative Fee

    103 Euros

    Fee provides unlimited usage of public transportation (buses & street cars). Student ID, Email Account, and use of IT


    3-5 Euros/ meal

    (Lunch or dinner in Cafeteria)

    Registration at City Hall

    No Charge

    There is no charge even if you need a visa to go to Germany.

    Residence Permit Application

    50 Euros

    Open a Blocked Bank account (2)

    50 Euros

    Only students traveling with a non-U.S.A. passport requiring that they get a visa to enter Germany, will need to do this.

    FGCU Health Insurance, repatriation & evacuation requirements (3)

    Check rates

    (See German requirements below)

    Purchase only repatriation and evacuation insurance. Check here for policies and costs

    German State Health Insurance

    320 Euros

    Students must purchase the German State Health Insurance this would be app. 80 Euros per month from the time they leave in May until they return to FGCU in August.

    Biometric Passport Photo

    Approx. 10 Euros


    (1)   Although the deadline to apply for housing is January 15th, in order for the student to secure housing, they must upload a copy of the receipt as proof that they wired the 200 Euros deposit.  The least expensive way to wire funds is by Western Union.

    (2)   Students traveling with a non-U.S.A. passport requiring that they get a visa to enter Germany, will need to open a blocked bank account.

    (3) Students that do not need a visa to enter Germany, will need to wait until they arrive in Germany to open a bank Account. They will have sufficient funds (in Euros) to pay the following upon their arrival in Wuerzburg:

    ·       Pay rent for April and May upon their arrival

    ·       Administrative Fee

    (4)   FGCU requires that all students who participate in an international program purchase adequate health insurance as well as repatriation and evacuation.

     (5) Students will receive pick up assistance from the Train Station in Wuerzburg to their housing upon arrival but they must provide a copy of their airline reservations a couple of weeks in advance in order for Wuerzburg to make the necessary arrangements.

     (6) Students will be provided with an “advisor” who will assist them in navigating their housing, banking and other necessary tasks upon their arrival in Wuerzburg.


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