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    Travel Expenses

    Estimated Air Travel Expenses (please contact the respective carriers for current round-trip prices; rates updated in January 2012; no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information).

    -       from Fort Myers to Duesseldorf (app. 450 Euros one-way with AirBerlin),

    -       from Miami to Duesseldorf (app. 450 Euros one-way with AirBerlin) or

    -       from Fort Lauderdale to Frankfurt (app. 350 Euros one-way with Condor)

    Please note as well:

    The trip from Duesseldorf to Wuerzburg takes app. 3 hours by train with Deutsche Bahn costs app. 95 Euros (one-way)

    The trip from Frankfurt to Wuerzburg is only 1.5 hours by train with Deutsche Bahn and costs app. 36 Euros (one-way)

    If you plan to travel around Germany and Europe, we recommend to purchase a Eurorail pass for the time during which you plan to do most of your travelling.


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