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    Cultural Events offered in Wuerzburg

    -       Weindorf: Located on the picturesque Market Square in Wuerzburg’s City Center the Weindorf (“wine village”) offers a large variety of live music, different types of food and, of course, excellent Franconian wines.

    -       Africa Festival: The International Africa Festival has existed for many years and is the biggest festival of African music and culture in Europe. In 2010 more than 100,000 visitors came to Wuerzburg to witness the cultural wealth and Africa´s zest for life. The Africa Festival takes place in several circus tents in front of a magnificent setting on the Talavera-Mainwiesen – just along the banks of the Main River. On four stages more than 250 musicians and dancers will give an insight into the fascinating diversity of the traditional and modern black music.

    -       Hofgarten Wine Festival: Directly located in the gardens of the Residence of Wuerzburg (UNESCO World Heritage) Germany’s biggest vinery, the state-owned Hofkeller vinery, offers a large variety of their excellent world-famous vines.

    -       Kiliani Festival: Established as a trade fair centuries ago the Kiliani Festival is the second largest folk festival in Bavaria – directly following Munich’s Octoberfest. Rollercoasters and other carnival rides are accompanied by stalls from various showmen and of course some beer tents with live music and a variety of food. Lasting for approximatly two weeks it’s at the heart of Wuerzburg’s cultural program every year and brings citizens from the city and the surrounding areas together in celebrating the feast of the famous Irish martyrs Kilian, Kolonat, and Totnan, who brought Christianity to Wuerzburg and died here in 689.

    Weekend and Day Trips

    There are plenty of opportunities to explore cities within Germany (such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc.) and Europe (such as London, Paris, Rome, Prague, etc.). For students wishing to visit other major cities of Bavaria (such as Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Erlangen, Bamberg, etc.), they have the option of traveling in groups and using the “Bayern Ticket” special offer (

    The International Office offers a program of excursions every semester together with the Student Representative Body. This always includes study trips (each approx. 2-3 days) to either Berlin or Munich. At the beginning of each semester, there is a reception for all the international students at which the semester program is presented and the organizers are introduced. The International Office also publishes a brochure containing all required information.

    The Working Team “AK Internationales” is a group of German students who organize trips and social events for the international students in Wuerzburg. They offer a range of events, from weekend trips to historic cities to international cuisine evenings to a simple trip to a bar or a pub. They provide a fun atmosphere in which the international students can meet new people and experience Wuerzburg’s student culture.


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