Lehrstuhl für BWL und Wirtschaftsinformatik - Prof. Dr. A. Winkelmann



    If you are interested in the program and plan to apply, it is advised to contact Laurell Popp before your application. The application process is described below. It is still subject to change!

    Next term: Fall 2021 (August – December 2021);  Application to Nomination Deadline: 1st of February 2021 (via Email to Laurell Popp, stating Name, Student Level, Major, Student Age and Gender).

    In addition, you have to fill out the Application Form and attach a CV and a letter of motivation as well as a copy of your academic records and send them via postal mail (see adress below), not later than February 15th.

    For a complete application, you also have to submit an Immunization Statement, a test of your language proficiency, a Financial Support Letter, the filled out International Exchange Student Application Form, a copy of your passport, and your planned schedule (see below). These can be submitted later (but no later than the 1st of April) and have to be sent by postal mail. We strongly advise to take care of these matters as soon as possible, as getting these documents ready can take some time.

    Julius-Maximilians-Universitaet Wuerzburg
    Lehrstuhl fuer BWL und Wirtschaftsinformatik
    Laurell Popp
    FGCU Exchange Program
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    1. Application Form

    Please fill out the application form completely.

    2. International Exchange Student Application Form

    Please fill out the international exchange student applicationform completely. You need to enter all relevant information, apply for a J-1 U.S. Visa and sign the document.

    3. Letter of Motivation and Curriculum Vitæ

    Please write a Letter of Motivation in English (max. 1 page), outlining reasons and individual motivation for the semester abroad at the Florida Gulf Coast University. Additionally, please also attach a Curriculum Vitae in English to your application.

    4. Academic Records

    Additionally, a recent abstract of your module results (to be printed out using sb@home) needs to be attached to the application (you can choose English for the printout) and if you are a master student: certified english copy of your bachelor's certificate and transcript of records.

    5. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL or IELTS)

    Take part in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). For the application or possibly admission at Florida Gulf Coast University at least 79 points at the internet-based TOEFL or 213 points at the computer-based TOEFL are required. Alternatively, an IELTS can be conducted, a minimum score of 6.5 points is required. The original document is required!

    6. Financial Support Documentation

    Furthermore proof needs to be provided about sufficient financial means to finance your stay in the United States. The proof about sufficient financial means is obligatory in the process of application for a visa for the United States. Therefore please make sure that the proof is stamped and signed by the financial institution and covers the minimum amount of $8317,00. Besides it is imperative that the proof is not older than six months before the planned departure date. If the account holder is not the student, the account holder must also provide a Sponsor Letter Statement. Note that all figures have to be in US dollars. If the Application for Nomination Date is earlier than 6 months prior to departure, it is sufficient if the Financial Support Statement is handed in if the Application for Nomination is successful (typically one month after the deadline).

    7. Immunization Statement

    Several vaccinations are also needed for an enrollment at Florida Gulf Coast University. Please use for this matter the standard form of FGCU‘s Student Health Service. It is required that all of the stated vaccinations have been received. In case of any doubts the vaccination should be proofed by a blood examination. Please note that the form needs to be signed and stamped by your physician, being not older than six months. If you are not vaccinated against Hepatitis B and/or Meningitis, you are also required to sign the waiver at the bottom of the document. 

    8. Planned Schedule

    Please choose your courses of interest from the broad and fill out the course selection form. Furthermore it is not permitted to take online courses, it would not meet the requirements of the exchange program. It is necessary to give an alternative course to every chosen course (i.e. you need to choose 8 courses if you are a undergraduate student or 6 courses if you are a graduate student). Additionally please consider the following frame conditions:

    • Bachelor students need to take 12 credit hours (i. e. 4 courses). While selecting courses, please make sure that the prerequisites are accomplished by your current achievements at Wuerzburg University. Please choose your courses from the following list: undergraduate course.
    • Master students need to take 9 credit hours (i. e. 3 courses). While selecting courses, please make sure that the prerequisites are accomplished by your current achievements at Wuerzburg University. Please choose your courses from the following list: graduate courses 
    • For class schedules, you can visit the course schedule.
    • All participants need to choose at least one course out of the fields of Computer Information Systems (CIS) or Information Systems Management (ISM).
    • It is not permitted to attend courses in another language than English as this would be against the purpose of the program.
    • It is possible to attend more than the required courses, but tuition fees apply for each additional course.

    There is the possibility to get credits for achievements accomplished at FGCU once back at Wuerzburg University. Please get in touch with the corresponding professor or chair department for this matter at an early stage.

    9. Copy of Passport

    Please attach a copy of your passport to your application.