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    Decision Support Systems (Master)

    Decision Support Systems

    • Course number: 1060610
    • Level: Master
    • Credits: 4 SWS / 5 ECTS
    • Links: WueStudy

    Please note: While the course material is provided in english, the lecture as well as the exercise are held in german language.

    Contents and Objectives

    The course imparts knowledge from the field of decision models and procedures and their use in the development of decision-supporting systems.

    • Understanding the structure of standardized decision problems
    • Development of skills for abstraction and (quantitative) modelling
    • Grasping methods to solve and optimize individual classes of problems
    • Gain experience in implementing decision support systems


    Course Structure

    1. Linear Programming
    2. Network Modeling
    3. Sensitivity Analysis
    4. Stochastic Programming
    5. (Mixed) Integer Programming
    6. Large Scale Problems
    7. Non-linear Programming
    8. Simulation and Queuing Theory


    Wednesday 12:00 – 14:00, Großer Hörsaal 01.001 (Altes IHK-Gebäude)
    First Lecture: 16.10.2019

    Thursday 12:00 – 14:00, CIP-Pool II (Altes IHK-Gebäude)
    First Exercise: 17.10.2019

    Supporting material on WueCampus:

    • Lecture slides
    • Assignments
    • Data sets
    • Forum for news and discussions

    Test: 60-minute exam


    Ragsdale, C. (2011) Managerial Decision Modeling, Thomson South-Western.