Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods

Dr. Pascal Notz Receives Scientific Award of the German Logistics Association


Pascal Notz, a former PhD-student at the Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods, received this year’s scientific award of the “Bundesvereinigung Logistik” (BVL), the German association of logistics professionals. BVL has more than 11,000 members and is the most influential professional organization in logistics in Germany. The award has a long history: For almost 30 years, outstanding scientific work has been honored by the BVL, and many laureates have become very successful scholar and professionals.

Pascal Notz received this year’s award for his dissertation „Prescriptive Analytics for Data Driven Capacity Management", in which he developed new and extremely innovative approaches for capacity planning in logistics and other service industries. The novelty of his work lies in a combination of machine learning and optimization techniques that leverage a large amount of data to better prescribe capacity decisions. In his research, Pascal was not only able to develop very strong theoretical results, but was also able to demonstrate that his approaches can lead to performance improvements of up to 50 % compared to traditional methods that are currently employed in the logistics and service sector. His work has been published in the best international journals of our discipline (see here) and is likely to shape, how capacity planning will be carried out in future.

The press release of the BVL (in German) can be found here