Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods

Julian Kurz as Visiting Predoctoral Fellow at Kellogg School of Management


Julian Kurz, researcher at the Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods, visited the Kellogg School of Management in Evanston near Chicago from January to April 2016. Julian had the opportunity to work with world-class researchers in the field of operations management and operations research. He attended PhD and MBA classes as well as research seminars to enhance his academic qualifications. Julian presented and discussed his current research with colleagues and peers and completed a research paper during his stay.


The Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods has a strong international orientation and collaborates with leading researchers around the world. In 2013 Dr. Philipp Ecken spent a semester at Harvard Business School. Dr. Alexander Rothkopf works closesly with researchers at the University of Michigan and Prof. Richard Pibernik has an appointment as Adjunct Professor at the Zaragoza Logistics Center, where he teaches in the MIT-Zaragoza Program. He is also a frequent visitor at Vlerick Business School in Belgium and was Otto Mønsted Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.