Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods

What started as a master’s thesis now helps bakeries to reduce food-waste by better planning


BäckerAI is a software solution for bakeries to reduce food waste and simplify their planning processes. The company was founded by graduates of JMU Würzburg: Franz Seubert completed his Master’s thesis at the Chair for Logistics and Quantitative Methods where Jan Meller and Fabian Taigel did their doctorate.

The idea for their product first came up when Franz Seubert became aware of the large amounts of left-over pastries and bakery products that had to be disposed of in his father's small grocery shop. During his thesis he developed an initial proof of concept for the BäckerAI and then teamed up with Jan Meller and Fabian Taigel, who already had experience with implementing AI-solutions in various industries.

The BäckerAI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from historical data and make highly accurate recommendations for each product in each store based on trends in previous sales numbers, weather forecasts, calendar data, etc. Bakers save time, reduce food waste and even increase sales due to less stock-outs. The team recently secured an early-stage funding from the "Start-up BW"-program with support from innoWerft, “the company-builder” from Waldorf. This grant allows the team of BäckerAI to take the next steps towards their vision: to reduce the amount of wasted bakery goods by half within the next five years.

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