Studienaufbau Management

In the graphic above you can see the ideal typical structure of your Master's program.
You have the choice between a major focus with 60 ECTS (= major) or 3 minor focuses with 20 ECTS each (= subject).
The choice of majors and subjects can be found in your examination regulations.

It is not possible to write a seminar paper in the first master's semester, as the application for this must always be made one semester in advance.
The prerequisite for registering a Master's thesis is the achievement of 60 ECTS.
Ideally, a seminar paper (ideally at the same chair) should already have been written before working on a master's thesis.
Tip: In addition to writing a master's thesis, most master's students also write 1-2 exams.

Maximum duration of study

  • Standard duration of study: 4 semesters + 2 semesters;
  • If no degree in 6th semester - first failure; last chance: 7th semester.
  • two semesters of leave of absence possible
  • Exceptions to Corona semesters


  • You must re-enrol to continue your studies for each semester.
  • You re-enrol by remitting the semester fee.
  • When? See tab "Dates"
  • If you have any questions regarding re-registration, please contact the student affair's office.

We apologize that the examination regulations are only available in German. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Please note that only modules listed in your examination regulations can be credited. Here it is important at which point these modules are present. It is not possible to credit existing modules as placeholders.

You can recognize placeholders for example by the addition "Topics in" or "Selected problems". They are reserved for new modules (which have not yet been included in the examination regulations) or for foreign credits.
Placeholder modules are thus modules for which there are no regular lectures.

For exams, register through WueStudy via the "Course Catalog" tab.

Registration period for exams

Summer semester: 16.05. - 15.06.

Winter semester: 16.11. - 15.12.

Exams always start one week after the last day of lectures and usually last 14 days.

If you have problems with the registration, please contact the examination office in time before the registration deadline (by phone or e-mail). In this case, it is absolutely necessary to state your matriculation number and the respective module examinations for proper registration.

Please note that you cannot register for examinations via WueStudy during a semester of leave.  In this case, please register - for the registration of repeat examinations - in good time before the registration deadline by e-mail to the Examinations Office.

Subsequent registrations are generally not possible, as the registration deadlines are material-legal deadlines.

Please note that you must re-register for repeat examinations in the same focus/area.

Registration period for seminar papers

! Attention: before registration you need a place for supervision - allocation via WueCampus!

Summer semester: 01.04. - 30.09.

Winter semester: 01.10. - 31.03.

Seminar papers

Please check your examination regulations to see which seminar papers you can have credited.
You can have your seminar paper credited both in the "Electives" and in the "Seminars" section (ATTENTION: check examination regulations!).

It is mandatory to take at least one seminar paper under "Seminars".
If you would like to have it credited to the Electives (or vice versa), it could be possible to rebook it. Please contact the examination office (check examination regulations!).

Seminar papers are registered via WueStudy in the same way as exams.

Master thesis

Prerequisite for the registration of the master thesis is the proof of at least 60 ECTS credits. Before registering via WueCampus, we recommend that you contact the chair of your choice in advance. Ideally, you should have already written a seminar paper at this chair in order to become familiar with the requirements of the chair.

If you would like to write your Master's thesis in cooperation with a company, this is possible in consultation with your supervisor at the faculty. However, your first examiner as well as your second examiner will still be provided by the university. Thus, the company has only a subordinate function. Please discuss all details with the chair where you have been assigned a place via WueCampus.

The registration of the Master's thesis is done via the examination office. Your supervising chair will support you in this process.

Your studies are completed when you have achieved all required 120 ECTS points. Here it is relevant that you have passed one all compulsory modules completely. In addition, you must have written at least one seminar paper.

degree certificate

You have to request your degree certificate at the examination office. Here you can still indicate if you want to have rebooked modules (core area or electives). If you have earned more than the required ECTS points in an area, the best grades are automatically counted. Additional ECTS points will still show up on your transcript.

Exam celebration

Twice a year, the Faculty of Business Management and Economics holds a ceremonial presentation of certificates in the Neubau Church. This usually takes place in June and November. The registration for this takes place via Open WueCampus. Announcements are made via our website and email. We would be very happy about your participation.


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