English Intern
Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods


Our research focuses on highly relevant issues in business practice (particularly in Logistics and Supply Chain Management); we apply well-founded methods to answer important managerial problems.

We research in order to develop new insights and innovative solutions, and not to maximize our publication performance. Nevertheless, it is our objective to publish outstanding articles in the most esteemed journals. Therefore, we must be able to identify exciting research topics, be methodically innovative, and satisfy the highest scientific standards. Every research project generates scientific and/or practical innovations and at the same time maintains the highest level of rigor.

Collaborations with industry

In many cases, our research is motivated by specific problems that arise from our collaborations with industry. Members of the chair team have worked on research projects in the past with many well-known companies, including SAP, McKinsey & Co., Alcatel-Lucent, Lufthansa, Celanese, Deutsche Post DHL, Prosegur, and many more. Furthermore, a multitude of professional training programs have been held for companies (i.e. Henkel, Philipps, WMF, Deutsche Bank). From these activities, long-term collaborations have often emerged as well as interesting topics for research and diverse practical examples and teaching applications.

We enjoy working with companies – but only when we are faced with real challenges. We are not consultants and funding from company projects is used only for the good of our university.

A description of contents and results of select industry projects will be available shortly.