Lehrstuhl für VWL, insb. Industrieökonomik

Cooperation with Catella Real Estate AG

Game-theoretic analysis of investor behavior

  • Topic: A game-theoretical analysis of investor behavior in special real estate funds
  • Thesis in cooperation with Catella Real Estate AG (Munich)
  • Analysis of the construct of special real estate funds
  • Building a game-theoretical model to analyze investor behavior in special real estate funds (with interaction of the investment manager)
  • Identification of current disincentives for investors, if any
  • Formulation of a possibly better mechanism

Organizational matters

  • Employment as a working student at Catella Real Estate during the writing period
  • Participation in other smaller projects there, with a focus on the thesis
  • Going through a short application process at Catella Real Estate
    • Cover letter (motivation for the thesis, why you are interested in the real estate industry, previous experience (internships etc.))
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Interviews with the specialist and HR departments at Catella Real Estate, where, among other things, details on the topic are clarified and the level of economic knowledge is queried