Chair of Labour Economics


Winter Semester 2023/24

Master-Seminar in Advanced Labor Economics

Program: Master-level


Credits: 10 ECTS


Lecturer: Dr. Mario Bossler, Chair of Labor Economics


Course organization:


  1. We will meet for one or two days in December/January for presentations
  2. Deadline for seminar papers is 31 January 2024


(Days and timing will be decided by the participants jointly with the lecturer.)


Exemplary topics:


- Introduction of the statutory minimum wage

- Declining collective bargaining coverage

- Rising demand for skilled workers and the consequences for the labor market

- The representation of females in management positions

- Immigration and the consequences for the local workforce


Topics should be decided in a joint (virtual) meeting with the lecturer.


Seminar papers should be based on thorough literature reviews that demonstrate a good understanding of the empirical literature. Alternatively, students should conduct their own empirical analyses and prepare them scientifically.




The grade will consist of the presentation (40%) and the written seminar paper (60%).


Seminar language: English


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the lecturer via e-mail:

General information

The Chair of Labour Economics supervises Master's theses in the wide area of labor economics. Topics usually relate to policy concerns, examples are the minimum wage, minijobs, or labor shortages, just to name a few. Theses should be of empirical nature using either primary or secondary data. The thesis can be written either in German or English. For more information regarding the formal and content-related structure of the thesis, see: Hinweise zur Anfertigung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten (in German)here.


It is highly recommended to attend the master course Advanced Labor Economics, where students get familiar with major concepts of labor economics. The thesis will build on these skills.

There is no list with prespecified topics, but each students in encouraged to approach the chair with his or her own idea.