Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods

Academic collaborations

Today, successful scientific research is conducted in interdisciplinary and international teams. We closely collaborate with researchers in Germany and worldwide to work on projects and publications. Examples: with Professor Prashant Yadav (William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan) on Demand Management and Healthcare Supply Chains; with Prof. Behzad Samii (Vlerick School of Management) on Revenue Management, Capacity & Inventory Reservation; with Prof. Moritz Fleischmann (Universität Mannheim) and Prof. Herbert Meyr (Universität Hohenheim) on Demand Management.

Also, we have submitted proposals for various publicly funded (DFG and EU) research projects with numerous national and international researchers and practitioners.

Richard Pibernik is also involved in the MIT-Scale Network and holds lectures at Copenhagen Business School and Zaragoza Logistics Center (MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Program).