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Chair of International Economics


Application and Allocation

The application and allocation for bachelor's and master's theses is carried out via the centrally organised application procedure by the Dean of Studies (Studiendekanat). There are two application deadlines each year, allowing applicants to apply for thesis projects during the subsequent semester break or the following semester. These deadlines will usuall be towards the end of each semester (december or june) and are announced by the Dean of Studies. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the Dean of Studies office.


The determination of the topic of the thesis occurs after the successful application through the central application process in consultation with your supervisor. Currently the chair supervises theses with topics from the following fields

  • Urban and regional economics, economic geography
  • Trade and labor markets
  • Trade theory
  • Economic growth
  • Further topics in international economics

Formal requirements

Please note our formal guidelines for seminar papers, bachelor's and master's theses. For the "Versicherung der selbständigen Leistungserbringung", please refer to section 2.2. of the guidelines, and use only the form provided by the examination office.