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Faculty of Business Management and Economics

Departments and Chairs

The Faculty of Business Management and Economics comprises two departments, the Department of Business Management and the Department of Economics, which are assigned to various chairs, professorships, junior professorships and a working group.

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Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics

Prof. Dr. Michael Pflüger

Chair of International Economics

Prof. Toker Doganoglu, Ph.D.

Chair of Industrial Economics

Prof. Dr. Mario Bossler

Chair of Labor Economics

Prof. Dr. Hans Fehr

Chair of Public Finance

Prof. Dr. Martin Kukuk

Chair of Econometrics

Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller

Chair of Contract Theory and Information Economics

Prof. Dr. Fabian Kosse

Chair for Data Science in Business and Economics

Prof. Dr. Peter Bofinger

Chair of Monetary Policy and International Economics

Prof. Dr. Alicia von Schenk

Junior Professorship of Applied Microeconomics, esp. Human-Machine Interaction

Prof. Dr. Victor Klockmann

Junior Professorship of Microeconomics, esp. Economics of Digitization

Prof. Dr. Joschka Wanner

Professor Dr. Joschka Wanner

Junior Professorship of Quantitative International and Environmental Economics

Prof. Dr. Eric Mayer

Work Group of Empirical Economics

Prof. Dr. Jana-Kristin Prigge

Chair of Business Management and Marketing

Prof. Dr. Ronald Bogaschewsky

Chair of Business Management and Industrial Management

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Franke

Prof. Dr. Daniela Lorenz

Chair of Corporate Finance

Prof. Dr. Dirk Kiesewetter

Chair of Business Taxation

Prof. Dr. Axel Winkelmann

Chair of Business Management and Business Information Systems

Prof. Dr. Thomas Zwick

Chair of Human Resource Management and Organisation

Prof. Dr. Sascha Walter

Chair of Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Prof. Dr. Andrea Szczesny

Chair of Business Management, Management Accounting and Control

Prof. Dr. Frédéric Thiesse

Chair of Business Information Systems Engineering

Prof. Dr. Richard Pibernik

Chair of Logistics and Quantitative Methods

Prof. Dr. Christoph Flath

Chair of Information Management

Prof. Dr. Gunther Gust

Chair of Process and IT Integration for Enterprise AI

Prof. Dr. Kim Otto

Professorship of Economic Journalism

Prof. Dr. Lucas Stich

Junior professor of Marketing Analytics

apl. Prof. Dr. Leonhard Knoll

Chair of Corporate Finance