Professur für Wirtschaftsjournalismus und Wirtschaftskommunikation

Development of a Communication Concept

Lecturer: Dr. Lukas Kagerbauer


  • Kick off: 24.10., 16:30
  • NEW Kick off date: 31.10., 16:45, Room 318


Digitalization leads to massive changes – it affects the way we live, work, communicate and learn. Organizations and companies are facing enormous challenges. An open question is whether more jobs are destroyed or created due to digitalization and technological progress in the future. We cannot answer this question yet, but one thing is for sure: the key for employees to secure their jobs and professional future is education. People have to be open-minded, curious and have to understand the importance of life-long-learning.

About the seminar:

In the seminar, students will work with audio-files, that have been recorded from expert-talks with professors from the faculty of economics at the University of Würzburg. In these talks, the professors give insights into current research trends and the implications of digital transformation on their field of academic interest. Based on the audio-files, students of the seminar have to develop a communication strategy with the main goal to enhance academic knowledge transfer into the business sector (e.g. entrepreneurs, CEOs, open-minded employees, political decision-makers). 

It is a win-win situation for the chair holders and business. The seminar output has a chance to be integrated in the communication strategy of the faculty of economics and might be published on several media platforms. Students make a contribution to enforce the networks between science and industry and give impulses for further collaborations between the faculty of economics and innovative firms. 

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Upon successful participation, students will earn 5 ECTS-Points on a dummy course module ("Ausgewählte Probleme der ..."). The grade is based on project results which students work on during semester.

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