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General information

Several courses offered by the Chair of Econometrics can be integrated into the course of studies within the Compulsory Electives: Economics.

In general it is recommended to take the basic courses Econometrics 1 and Econometrics 2 at first. Building on this, the courses Econometrics 3, Microeconometrics and Analysis of Financial Market Data follow, which can be attended independently. The course European Economic Statistics can be chosen separately from the other courses.

Furthermore, the Advanced Seminar: Econometrics is offered. It is recommended to attend the seminar after having completed the above mentioned courses.

The different possibilities of crediting are listed in the overview below:

  • Econometrics 1
  • Econometrics 2
  • Econometrics 3
  • Analysis of Financial Market Data
  • Micreconometrics
  • European Economic Statistics
  • Advanced Seminar: Econometrics

(Examination regulations versions: 2019 MHB1-en)


Please note that the course Microeconometrics will be offered neither in the summer term 2020 nor in the winter term 2020/21!