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Exam review and post-correction

Exam review

The inspection of exams is organized centrally by the Dean of Studies Office. The inspection is possible for all students who have participated in an exam of the Faculty of Economic Sciences.
All examinations that were in the central examination plan (= planned by the Office of the Dean of Studies) are handed out in a jacket sheet.
Thus, neither examinations that took place outside the two-week examination period nor seminar papers or theses will be handed out.

There is one mandatory inspection date for each examination period. The dates are announced via the homepage of the faculty (in the Squiwi section under "News") and the WueCampus course room Wiwi-Studienberatung.
The inspection for Bachelor's exams will take place approximately 5-6 weeks after the exam period.
For the inspection of Master's exams, an appointment is offered in the first week after the start of lectures of the semester following the examination period.

The concept of fixed time slots for viewing introduced as part of the Corona protection measures will be retained.

You can log in here via WueCampus. (Access only within the university network via eduroam/VPN).

The following instructions also apply to viewing:

- Bags, jackets and especially writing materials are not allowed during viewing. Please use the lockers and storage facilities in front of the Business Department Library.

- Please have your student ID or photo ID ready at the entrance, as well as any powers of attorney you may have issued.

Power of attorney:

If you are unable to attend the announced appointment, you can authorize another person to view or photograph your examinations for you. Please make sure that this power of attorney is presented in paper form on the inspection date, as it will remain with the examination documents.

You can use the  following template.Please bring it with you in printed form, otherwise the exams may not be viewed.

Please note that individual viewing appointments are only available in the following circumstances:

1. illness
2. study-related internships
3. semester abroad at other universities

If one of these cases applies to you, please inform us immediately via  in order to arrange an appointment for the individual inspection. Appropriate proof that you are/were prevented from attending on the day of the official inspection must be attached to the mail as a PDF document.

Aim and procedure of the inspection

The inspection is intended to give you the opportunity to understand the assessments of your examination performance, to recognize possible errors and to understand them on the basis of the correction notes.

In order to prevent attempts at deception during the inspection, jackets, bags and in particular writing materials are not permitted at the examination site.

Since 2016 it is allowed at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration to take photographs of the written examination documents during the inspection. However, this is only permitted for certain purposes and requires the signing of the following copyright notice when the examination papers are handed out:

Copyright Notice for Inspection of Written Examination Papers:

Examination papers are copyrighted works within the meaning of Section 2 (1) No. 1 UrhG. The owner of the exclusive rights of use is the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg.

The protected examination documents include the examination task, the written examination paper of the examinee including the correction notes of the examiners as well as their expert opinions on the paper.

The creation of a copy within the scope of the inspection of written examination papers for the preparation of the filing of an appeal (remonstration, objection) is permitted.

Any further copying, distribution or making available to the public, in particular on social networks on the Internet, is expressly prohibited.

We would like to point out that any violation constitutes a copyright infringement according to §§ 97 ff. UrhG, against which the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg will immediately take legal action. Copyright infringement triggers claims for injunctive relief and damages. In addition, copyright infringement constitutes a punishable act according to §§ 106 ff. UrhG d

Second correction

You do not have an automatic right to a re-correction. Please note that subsequent correction does not mean - as is often mistakenly assumed - that the entire exam will be reviewed again.

The purpose of the correction is only to correct errors in the evaluation, which must be specifically named.  You can submit a request, for example, if points were not added up correctly or if correct answer parts were not scored.

Please remember to give reasons for your request. In the course of the subsequent correction, only the tasks that were named in the request will be checked.  Requests with the alleged reason "please correct the exam again" or "the number of points awarded is not comprehensible and obvious", or "I have learned so much" or "there are only a few points missing to pass", must be rejected as unfounded.

Requests for a second correction may be submitted by mail using the information below:

Be sure to include the following information in your application:

  •     Your full name
  •     Your matriculation number
  •     Your course of study
  •     Exam title
  •     Exam date
  •     Name of the examiner
  •     Reason for the request

You also have the possibility to upload supporting documents (e.g. an excerpt from the lecture notes). Please do not send any photos of the exam, as the chair will have the original anyway in case of a subsequent correction.

Requests for subsequent correction must be submitted within four weeks of the inspection date.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Dean of Studies at the Faculty of Business Management and Economics: