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    Eurozone crisis


    "Friendly Fire"

    Prof. Bofinger about a comment from Servaas Storm to the paper "German wage moderation and the EZ Crisis(published on VoxEU)" - Institute for New Economic Thinking (January 2016) Link

     "German wage moderation and the EZ Crisis"

    Published on VoxEU(November 2015) Link

     Dissenting votes in the annual report 2015 of the German council of economic experts

    Dissenting vote in the special report 2015 about the crisis in greece

    Will Austerity Be Our Economic End?

    In: Latitudes, Summer 2015 Link

    "Fiscal and macro-structural challenges and policy recommendations for the Euro Area and its Member States under the 2014 Semester Cycle"

    Prof. Bofinger for the European Parliamant. (August 2014) Link

     "Can the ECB do more for Europe's Unemployment?"

    In: Journal for a progressive Economy, November 2013 Link


     Lecture for the party "Die Grünen" in Lyon: The future of the Eurozone


    Euro-Talk: With Jean-Claude Trichet and Prof. Bofinger

    Prof. Bofinger and Jean-Claude Trichet on the Euro Finance Week about the current situation and the prospects for the future. Video

    Interview in the BBC HARDtalk

    Prof. Bofinger talks in the BBC HARDtalk about the economic development in the Eurozone and discusses about strategies to encourage the economy in the Eurozone. (September 2014) Video

    Prof. Bofinger at the European Economic and Social Committee

    "Completing Monetary and Economic Union".